In theory, it’s a wonderful thing that mobile apps can give you immense amounts of data regarding every aspect of the user experience with your app. Why, marketers can make decisions on the basis of data, not just opinions! In practice, it’s all too easy to drown in the firehose of data. Sorting out what’s important, and then acting on it, and evaluating the results of those actions, can be a daunting task. That’s where Upsight, which provides enterprise analytics for mobile apps, is looking to make a difference with its Upsight Marketing platform, which can help mobile marketers more easily create and execute data-driven campaigns.

“For the first time ever, consumers now spend more time in mobile apps than on the web. This shift is making it increasingly difficult for modern marketing organizations to adapt to the exponential increase in mobile user data and sophistication of mobile marketing campaigns,” said Josh Williams, Chairman and CTO of Upsight. “We redesigned Upsight Marketing to help the mobile marketer address these challenges — making it easier to explore user data and use these insights to run powerful, cross-app marketing campaigns that can be A/B tested and language localized.”


The [a]listdaily spoke with the Upsight team to find out more about this platform and what it can do for marketers. “This is our biggest launch ever as a company, rolling out a whole new platform that’s tailored to marketers to help them understand the deluge of data that all mobile business are receiving today,” said Josh Williams, chairman and CTO of Upsight. “We’ve spent a lot of time enhancing our data platform and setting it up so that customers can understand their data deeply, look at it in real time, and take action on it in a simple to understand fashion.” The ultimate goal for the platform is to help marketers engage with customers to improve their app’s performance, and to that end Upsight Makreting offers an impressive array of capabilities.

Upsight explained that the Upsight Marketing platform gives mobile marketers the ability to easily explore user attributes and behaviors, presenting dynamic data visualizations that help build an understanding of these relationships. Mobile marketers can now adopt user insights to build A/B-tested and language localized campaigns across multiple apps. The ability to dynamically explore users in an intuitive interface that merges user discovery and segmentation is something no other platform does in this fashion. Marketers can explore user attributes, such as Last Session Date and Amount Spent, and refine user segments by simply clicking on and editing data directly from any chart on the dashboard. Selections immediately change the segment size and characteristics — at any point segments are available for marketing campaigns and for future targeting.

Williams discussed some of the other features of the Upsight Marketing platform. “Included here is A/B testing in a robust way for the first time on our platform, localized campaigns so you can customize the language your end-users are receiving the messages, and a slick way to explore and understand user behavior,” said Williams. “We’ve created a great visual presentation layer that queries huge amounts of data in real time and shows you exactly what your user base looks like, and helps you decide how to act on what your users are doing.”

The interface is admirably simple, yet it allows you to readily control what portion of the data you are looking at. The sample that was being queried for the demo was nearly 20 million users, and the queries took a very short time to display. Optimizing speed was a key part of the development plan, said Williams.


The Upsight Marketing platform looks to ease some real pain points for marketers. It’s getting very difficult for marketers these days with the volume of data coming in, and trying to translate that into improvements in the product and the revenue being generated. “That’s exactly what we hear from customers and why we we spent so much time building out this product,” agreed Williams. “There are so many users and so many dimensions or attributes to look at for each user, and so many ways to segment users, it really becomes hairy and complex to do that. Then you want to tie that to action, and traditional analytics packages no longer do the job that marketers need them to do.”

Of course, what really matters are the opinions of marketers, who will have to use the Upsight Marketing platform to get some serious work done. “It was really interesting for me, as a marketer, this idea that I’d have a portfolio of apps and easily roll in another app that would be complementary, and do a cross-app promotional campaign,” said Brian Howell, Upsight’s CMO. “I think that’s something many marketers care about because the cost of installation is so high, and there are no other tools in this space that can actually do that.”

The Upsight Marketing program is available now, and Upsight customers are already using it. “We’ve been showing it to our existing customers over the course of the past couple of weeks, and we’re rolling them into it,” said Howell. “We’re taking new customers into it immediately.”

So far, the response has been gratifying, according to Upsight. “The general response is ‘wow, that’s incredibly fast and easy to use,'” said Howell. “‘That’s going to save me so much time’ and variants of those sentiments. That’s generally the way people feel about this. We are doing things that people, for the most part, can’t do for themselves. A lot of these workflows have been informed by our experiences with customers, and there’s a deep sense of satisfaction because they see their feedback has been taken into consideration, and the sophistication of their organizations has been contemplated at the creation of the platform.”