Should You Fix Your Own Car? Yes, In This Case.


According to Dr. Augustine Fou, you should “fix your own car” in digital ad fraud protection because the parties selling you services often don’t know what they’re doing either and because you can’t tell if they actually fixed anything.

Why it matters: Fraud detection tech companies may have detected fraud where there was none or failed to detect fraud where it was rampant. But the worst part is you’d never know because companies simply provide a number rather than explaining how they measured the fraud.

Mondelez Builds Protective Vault To Guard Oreos From Passing Asteroid

Marketing Dive

Oreo has created an impenetrable vault named the Global Oreo Vault, which is housing shelves full of Oreos, powdered milk and the cookie’s secret recipe to protect the sandwich cookies from a potential asteroid impact in early November.

Why it matters: Inspired by Norway’s Global Seed Vault, Oreo’s vault was created as a way to make light of how challenging the year 2020 has been and generate online buzz. To accompany the launch, Oreo released a five-minute mockumentary-style video on YouTube about its making.

Facebook’s New Video Game Streaming Service Is Part Of A Big Push For The Tech Giant To Sell More Ads

Business Insider

Facebook has announced it’s getting into cloud gaming with five titles rolling out in the US that will be available to play through Facebook on desktop, on Android and the dedicated Facebook Gaming app.

Why it matters: The new gaming streaming service will serve as a testbed for serving ads as Facebook confirmed it’s launching cloud playable ads that can support “interactive demos from a game’s native code, blurring the line between games and ads.” People can instantly play whatever game is being advertised rather than having to download a free version.

Invisalign Taps TikTok Influencers Like Charli D’Amelio And Gains Social Clout


Invisalign has tapped popular TikTok creators Charli D’Amelio, Marsai Martin and China McClain to promote its clear alternative to traditional braces, resulting in a 25.6 percent increase in Q3 sales compared to last year.

Why it matters: D’Amelio’s TikTok video promoting the product received nearly 7 million likes and tens of millions of views. Invisalign says it gives creators leeway in developing an authentic message that aligns with its values.

Going Back To The Office

Harvard Business Review

In HBR’s “Women at Work” podcast series, the hosts hear from women who have returned to reopened offices and say that among the pros of going back into the office are being able to see people face-to-face and leaving work at work when they’re off the clock.

Why it matters: Yet going into the office occasionally creates added stress for those who see their older family members. In addition, it requires a whole other level of organization and decision-making while ensuring the safety of yourself and others.