Nishant Desai, or Nish, is the director of technology and operations at Xaxis, the outcome media company. Nish has over 20 years of experience leading technical partnerships, integrations, and ad operations for thousands of brands, platforms, and partners. 

On Marketing Today, Nish unpacks the future of marketing without third-party cookies. With only a year before the change, Nish’s advice is, “Don’t panic” and look to alternative solutions. 

This interview touches on the events that lead to cookie death, alternative marketplace solutions, and what marketers should be thinking about as this new landscape comes into view. Listen in to learn more about the cookie-less effect on marketers and users.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why third-party cookies are ending
  • The benefits of a flock-based cookie solution
  • The future of a unified ID-based ecosystem 

Key Highlights:

  • [01:48] Nish’s path to advertising, MarTech, and AdTech
  • [02:40] How computer science helps MarTech and AdTech
  • [0316] The death of cookies 
  • [05:15] The difference between browser approach and universal idea approach
  • [07:44] Google’s proposals for browser cookies
  • [12:21] Roadblocks to a browser-based or FLoC based solution
  • [16:30] Survival of the fittest
  • [21:18] Which version is better for users
  • [22:30] Who will be successful in the new cookie world
  • [24:53] Will there be a growth of data stores?
  • [27:03] What marketers should be thinking about to move forward
  • [29:42] A defining experience that made Nish who he is today 
  • [30:46] Nish’s advice for his younger self
  • [32:35] Nish’s recent impactful purchase
  • [33:35] The brands, companies, and causes Nish follows
  • [34:53] What Nish says is today’s biggest threat and opportunity for marketers

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