This week we’ve got some stories focusing on virtual reality. From bathroom cleaning robots to virtual car tours, VR is changing how jobs work and how consumers get “hands on” with physical products from anywhere. 

Bathroom Cleaning Robots Programmed Through VR

What’s Happening: Somatic utilizes VR to “train” robots to handle the dirty work of cleaning bathrooms. The team involved uses virtual reality in simulations to show the robot how and where to clean in the bathrooms. The robots are then free to clean and refill/recharge and repeat.

Why it Matters: This shows a way that VR is starting to apply in day-to-day uses. Beyond using VR for training people, it can also train robots.

Virtual Car Tours

What’s Happening: Porsche announces VR tours of the Taycan before the cars have reached those dealerships. This virtual reality experience lets would-be buyers explore the car, interior and exterior, view it in different colors, and additional visual information. This isn’t the first VR car tour we’ve seen, but it looks like Porsche is aiming to make this a part of their ongoing efforts in the future.

Why it Matters: We’ve talked about VR travel before, but this is a new way to bring the digital product to people when there’s no physical product available, and this opens a whole slew of doors. 

As the virtual reality install-base increases, consider thinking about how we can use this newish medium to bring our product to our audience. How can you convert the physical experience to a digital one that accurately represents your product?