As we’ve noted in the past, YouTube stars are capable of making a great deal of money on the service, generating millions of dollars in revenue based upon their own created content. However, one young user thinks that more could be done if users create their own video apps.

As reported by VentureBeat, a company has hired 18-year old Jake Flositz to spread the word to other creators in terms of making content for their own specialty applications. He works for Beachfront Media, which is trying to build an “off-YouTube” solution for those that want to keep an established audience, but perhaps not deal with the site’s certain restrictions – such as the hoops put up with sponsored videos.

Beachfront is capable of putting together apps that customize specifically for its partners, allowing users to create original videos that distribute directly to their fans. It’s already attracted a few talents, such as Call of Duty player EliteShot and Minecraft creator Gizzy Gazza.

The app can be used for non-gaming content as well, but Beachfront wants to reach out more to that market for the time being, thus bringing Flositz on board. He’s noted that the program is “going very well,” speaking with GamesBeat, and his involvement is helping the team cater the program more towards the right audience.

The real factor is how Flositz plays along with those who are interested in the program, providing a gamer perspective that most video companies just aren’t able to match. “From some of the clients I’ve talked to, I’ve definitely heard that they’ve been approached by other app companies,” he said. “But they feel like, with Beachfront, they’re more connected with me. I have their personal Skypes. We chat all the time and make sure everything is perfect. I’m basically just a chatbox away. You chat or call, and I’m instantly there. It’s very easy with Beachfront, compared to other app companies, from what I’ve heard.”

Building trust with such a gamer perspective allows partners to hop on easier than with other partnerships, since they feel like they relate in terms of content and business terms. “They really like that,” said Flositz. “I’m also a gamer, and that seals the deal for them. They know that I know what they want and what they need to bring their community together through the app.”

Money isn’t the only thing being looked at with the deal, as many users also seek a better way to connect with its community and growing base of fans. “Currently, YouTube comments are really spammy,” said Flositz. “It’s hard to reach your fans there. Our app, I think, is the best way to reach fans. Twitter is maybe the next best, but there are so many people using Twitter all the time and trying to ping you all the time. It’s hard to respond. In our app, we have a separate comment system. It’s really easy to connect with your fans.”

Added Beachfront chief executive officer Frank Sinton, “YouTubers don’t want to take a lot of time away from creating their own content. When they think about an app, they think it’s a lot of work. But in reality, I’m pretty much the account manager. I’ll completely create the app and be there pretty much 24/7 helping them perfect the app. If they don’t like anything about the app, I’ll change it. It’s a seamless process. I create the app, launch it, stream it, host it. They don’t have to do anything. They just connect with their fans through the app.”

It’s vital to keep these users happy as well. “We’re not charging [creators to build their apps],” said Sinton. “We’re going to earn revenue through advertising. We’re also looking at subscription as a potential way to monetize. Our strategy really revolves around not just advertising but also additional things that gamers can do for their fans to further engage. We’re playing around with different models right now.”

And with EliteShot and others already showing success, Beachfront has more to build on from here. “We are starting to get a network effect,” said Sinton. “Where we’ll launch one app for someone, they’ll tell their friends, and then they say, ‘Hey, I want one, too.’ We’re trying to do it in a smart way with the advertising, where we’re not inundating the top fans of these gamers with commercials. Our end goal is to create a large network of apps that we operate that gamers enjoy.”

With their unique approach, and the savvy Flositz on board, it’s upward and onward from here for Beachfront.