There’s an interesting technique out there that many companies don’t consider, probably due to the risk involved or failing to capture that “moment” in which they can purely connect with audiences. But that’s the thing – something going for that “moment” is the best way to capture it, such as watching the Super Bowl live or taking part in some other big event.

Think With Google, Rethinking Real Time: How Brands Can Really Matter In the Moment, explains the steps involved in terms of capturing that feeling when companies and their respected audiences can truly connect together.

One example the article brings up is the World Cup Finals, with Google Search traffic from smartphones tripling over the four year span between the 2010 and 2014 tournaments, going from 18 percent to 70 percent of total volume.

In addition to watching the event, using second screen features also provides a way to look items up, as well as watching the best parts of the event on YouTube and purchasing related items, like seeing a dress from the Academy Awards and looking for something similar.

Nielsen research indicates that 84 percent of smartphone and tablet owners utilize their devices as second screens when watching said experiences, per a report from the Digital Consumer.

Other examples of companies interacting with their audience through this process includes Nike’s Phenomenal Shot, a series of 3D ads featuring sponsored athletes doing their celebratory poses, allowing users to interact with them to define their moment. EA Sports’ Madden NFL 15 also comes to mind, introducing a Giferator tool that enables them to create customized taunts with their favorite teams and players, sending a not-so-subtle message to their competition that they’re ready to play. The video below provides an idea of how this works.