Ever since it broadcasted a full run of The Simpsons a few weeks ago, as part of a syndication deal for the popular animated show, FXX has been looking to make a big move to draw in even more fans of the series. Today, it’s taken that big step, with the launch of a new Simpsons World experience.

Using the online website (as well as the coordinating FX Now application for iPhone, IPad, Android phones, tablets, game consoles, Apple TV and Smart TV’s), viewers will be able to engulf themselves in a full Simpsons experience, including the ability to watch episodes from all 25 seasons of the hit animated show. In addition, new episodes will be added to the app, one day after their broadcast premiere on Fox.

In addition, the hub also contains an Everything Simpsons newsfeed, which covers the latest news surrounding the show, as well as social media updates from those involved, as well as little “Did You Know” facts with particular episodes in the series.

Along with recommendations from the Simpsons series, the video player included with the hub will also recommend other clips and episodes, as well as the ability to share comments right away via social media. This, in turn, should help generate a bigger online audience for it.

Best of all, Simpsons World will come with full user accessibility, enabling them to find favorite episodes, seasons and other video content with ease. A search function built into the hub will enable users to find their favorite characters and events from the show, as well as celebrity guest stars. Over 3,000 clips will be available, with more being added as new stars make their debut on the show.

This marks a huge move for FXX, and is likely to draw in even more popularity with the show. Interested viewers can learn more over at the Simpsons World web page.