Welcome back to Mobile Games Highlights for the week of August 26. There are plenty of great mobile games this week, so let’s get started!

Lara Croft GO (Square Enix, $4.99, releasing tomorrow for iOS and Android)

After the success of Square Enix’s board game-style strategy game Hitman GO, {link no longer active} the publisher has opted to repeat its success, but this time with its iconic Tomb Raider hero. In Lara Croft GO, players will work their way through a number of stages, solving puzzles and battling with various monsters in order to get to the next stage. Featuring turn-based strategy (similar to Hitman) and sharp visuals that match the decor of previous Tomb Raider games, it should be a big hit when it arrives later this week — and a fine tie-in for Rise of the Tomb Raider when it debuts on Xbox One on November 10th.

Pac-Man 256 (Bandai Namco, free-to-play, available for iOS and Android {links no longer active})

Following the success of its hit game Crossy Road, the developers at Hipster Whale have chosen to tackle an old-school favorite — Bandai Namco’s Pac-Man. In the endless runner Pac-Man 256, players will need to navigate a maze, collecting fruit and eating ghosts with power pellets (in the classic Pac-Man tradition) while avoiding an upcoming “glitch wave” that could easily wipe him out. With in-game transactions that are more than fair (mainly for power-ups and lives when players run out) and a retro vibe that players of all ages can enjoy, Pac-Man 256 is sure to eat up plenty of attention.

Final Fantasy VII (Square Enix, $15.99, available for iOS {link no longer active}, coming soon for Android)

Final Fantasy VII is easily one of the best classic role-playing games from the PlayStation era, so it should be no surprise that Square Enix has brought it to mobile devices, almost completely intact. Although the touch-screen controls take some getting used to, the visual design and story for the game remain timeless, with plenty of exciting battles for fans of the series to engage in. The game is a bit on the expensive side, but to some people — namely those that grew up with the series — it’ll certainly be worth it.

Horizon Chase: World Tour (Aquiris Game Studio, $2.99, available for iOS {link no longer active})

Fans of older racing games like the Cruis’n series or Sega’s Outrun will find something to like in Horizon Chase: World Tour, the latest offering from Aquiris Game Studio). Featuring bright, colorful visuals, a variety of tracks to choose from, and quick-to-adapt-to gameplay where speed is everything, the game offers a lot of fun. In addition, car customization is available at no additional charge, and a variety of vehicles and locales can be unlocked as well. Rev that engine, because Horizon Chase is ready to take players on a ride.


Tales From the Borderlands Episode Four (Telltale Games, $4.99, available for iOS and Android {links no longer active})

Over the past few months, Telltale Games has been telling an interesting story with Tales From the Borderlands, a spin-off of Gearbox Software’s successful shooter series. With episode four, Escape Plan Bravo, things pick up greatly for the two characters, Rhys and Fiona, as they experience new dangers. The key component with this game is the storytelling, as it’s quite refreshing — and in some ways, hilarious — based on the choice of the player. Fans won’t want to miss it, and for those that are new to the series, a full season pack of all five episodes can be purchased for $14.99.