Netflix is a highly popular service when it comes to adult audiences – but now it appears to be a huge hit with the kids as well.

GigaOm is reporting that 75 of the kids-based shows being featured on the service have managed to generate more than two million viewers in the U.S. for 2014, with more than a dozen kids titles going even further with five million viewers, according to information from a letter addressed to investors.

The news follows Netflix’s push to get a younger audience with the relaunch of the Popples animated series, in a partnership with Saban Brands, as well as additional episodes of Winx Club and a forthcoming CGI film and TV series that will focus on the origins of the iconic gorilla King Kong. Dreamworks Interactive is also a huge partner with the channel, and will launch series based on Veggie Tales and Madagascar’s King Julien later in the year.

Despite the push in kids’ programming and original programs, as well as syndicated ones making the rounds (including Friends, which will debut early next year), Netflix recently did take a ding in business. A slower-than-expected growth in viewership has forced some investors to trade some of their shares after hours, resulting in a stock drop of approximately 26 percent.

Still, the company is confident that things will bounce back, and not just based on the power of kids’ programming. Original shows should be a monumental part of the service in 2015, and it will also launch its first direct-to-Netflix movie, a sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, in August of that year.

Will that be enough to topple the competition – especially with HBO Go recently announcing that it would launch its own streaming service Only time will tell. For the time being, though, viewers of all ages – yes, including kids – can certainly enjoy what Netflix has to offer.