For the most part, the team over at Wargaming, with several offices around the world, focuses on the “hardcore” PC gaming crowd, as such competitive efforts like World of Tanks and World of Warplanes manage to reach out to millions of players looking to fight one another in virtual battlefield action. Lately, though, we’ve seen an interesting shift with the company – moving towards consoles.

A year ago, the publisher introduced the free-to-play World of Tanks to the Xbox 360, amassing an audience of thousand of players while implementing a new control scheme that console players could easily get into. It’s considered one of the best “freemium” games for the system – and that heightened Wargaming’s interest in bringing the experience to yet another console.

The team has just announced that World of Tanks will be moving to the Xbox One this year, introducing the franchise to the current-generation console scene for the first time, according to The Geek Culture. Like its Xbox 360 counterpart, the game will feature online play, as well as a variety of tanks and other goods that players can purchase optionally – although the core free-to-play experience will remain perfectly intact.

In addition, the game will provide cross-platform support, so players who stick with the Xbox 360 version will still be able to compete with others on the Xbox One. Wargaming has also assured that the new version will also support the same content updates and community features as the previous one. In-game progress will also be carried over to the Xbox One version of the game, if players choose to port it over.

So what does this mean for the World of Tanks model It shows that Wargaming is starting to get more serious when it comes to having a presence in the console gaming community, and not just PC. That’s not to say we’ll see World of Warships and World of Warplanes make an immediate jump, but the possibilities are wide open that they’ll eventually make their way over.

Plus, with the impressive sales of the PlayStation 4 over the past couple of years, there’s also a chance that World of Tanks, or other franchises, could make their way to that system as well. For the time being, the deal appears to be an exclusive with Microsoft, but that could certainly change in the future – and provide even better opportunities for Wargaming down the road.

For now, the team will solely work on making World of Tanks just as much of a hit on the Xbox One as it has become on the Xbox 360. But down the road Don’t be surprised if the team gives “tanks” to even more console players. After all, action this good deserves to be spread around.