Digital card games have really blown up, with a variety of developers offering their own takes, like the Plants vs. Zombies-themed collectible card game. However, even with the rise in popularity, Blizzard continues to dominate the genre with Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

Today, the third major Hearthstone expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, was announced to millions of fans that play the game on PC and mobile devices. It continues to grow the digital card game market overall, which has now topped $1.2 billion according to SuperData Research.

SuperData also noted that continued updates improvements, along with the general support provided by Blizzard, have helped push Hearthstone to become a huge success, and with revenues reaching over $500 million thus far. But to keep players interested, Blizzard is looking to shake things up. Old Gods includes the launch of new Standard and Wildcard formats. An update coming next week includes features like addition deck slots and new “Deck Recipes” (pre-selected decks) to help players build up their arsenal. On top of that, the expansion introduces a story that lets players explore a new, dark, territory—just the incentive needed to keep fans hooked.

To help promote the forthcoming expansion, Blizzard is giving away a special legendary card, featuring the C’Thun, a powerful creature with tentacles, as well as two different forms of one of its cultists, the Beckoner of Evil. This should no doubt draw in thousands of players as the promotion kicks off for Old Gods in late April to early May.

Blizzard has done a great job supporting the game, opening up potential tournaments and keeping the game freshly updated, between regular updates and expansions, to continue holding players’ interest.