Today, ION, the influencer agency within Ayzenberg, has launched a new core offering called the ICN, or Influencer Channel Network. The platform leverages the influencer of over 400k creators across channels that together generate billions of views and command millions of subscribers to create unique brand content.

The platform has been in the works for the past 3 years, executing hundreds of influencer campaigns that have delivered up to 8x earned media ROI.

“Our vision right from the beginning was to work with creators and brands to create an environment of innovation and respect while allowing both sides to accelerate each others’ brands without losing their authentic, native voices,” said Eric Ayzenberg, Chief Creative Officer of Ayzenberg and ION.

A major feature of the platform that discovers and connects marketers with all tiers of influencers is the full-service management aspect, with the backing of full reporting and a media delivery guarantee as well as guiding brand strategy and creative.

“Outside of brand lift, we were astonished by the media value opportunity during every campaign, especially with clients who allowed us to integrate it with Ayzenberg’s 360-degree approach. In the next 4 months, we will unveil our new 2.0 front-end design and will start showing more of a behind-the-curtain view of our ICN platform.”

Principals at Ayzenberg, Chris Younger and Vincent Juarez, will be revealing for the first time some of the methods behind the new ICN platform in a webinar on April 21st. For more information and to request an invite, fill out our form.