With the worldwide global mobile market continuing to grow, Newzoo has introduced a new initiative that will help keep track of many variables, making it easy for companies to see how successful their mobile releases are.

Today, the company announced the launch of its Global Mobile Intelligence Suite, which is designed to keep track of mobile devices, app stores, apps, monetization, engagement and mobile audience across a global scale, according to the press release. This enables expansion into areas that couldn’t be measured before, including China’s Android market.

“This is a huge strategic step forward for us,” said Peter Warman, CEO of the company. “Newzoo Mobile aims to serve practically all industries with an interest in mobile on a global scale, and to provide a range of mobile intelligence services currently unavailable in the market. App store data is an important part of the portfolio, but the true magic happens when different sources of data are combined in unique and smart ways. What’s more, Newzoo will continue to offer the support and service it is known for, proving that there is a difference between offering great data and a great global market intelligence product.”

In development for almost a year, the suite will help companies analyze the market in various areas, including audience, devices, revenues and key metrics—in addition to having support for international rollout plans and marketing campaigns.

Speaking with [a]listdaily about the announcement, Warman explained, “We started to set this up in early 2015 and realized that to secure the growth of our company for many years to come, we needed to diversify in terms of clients, markets and/or products. Our Newzoo eSports effort has succeeded in giving us new business in terms of markets as we now work for the biggest brands, entertainment and sports companies as well as (traditional) media companies to help them understand, size and seize opportunities in this space. However, we wanted to make an even bigger impact across all industries.”

Newzoo Mobile Intelligence

When asked how the Global Mobile Intelligence Suite will work alongside Newzoo’s new mobile division, Warman broke the explanation down into three reasons. “With games leading monetization on mobile and mobile taking a third of the world’s gaming market, mobile has always been key to our games-related offering of market intelligence to clients. It was easy to see that serving only the games business was limiting the potential of our effort on mobile, so serving all industries with mobile intelligence became our big blue ocean for the long term. We set up separate teams to ensure we kept our focus and leading position in games and eSports. So, this is the first reason: long-term growth of our business.”

“The second one is that our clients that are not pure game companies (e.g. hardware, media companies) kept asking us if we could provide the same service for other verticals,” Warman continued. “We talked with them about their current level of knowledge and vendors and a common pattern appeared. The missing part was not as much in data granularity but in the combination of data, insight and service that they felt they were missing. App store data can help you in one way, engagement and monetization metrics in another way just as consumer insights solve certain problems. High-level forecasting of app ecosystem revenues towards 2010 is another example.

“The third is that we have been looking in-depth at the reporting on all levels of the global mobile ecosystem. We were surprised how outdated it seemed in terms of terminology, methodology and outlook on trends that really matter. For instance, we found it hard to believe how many companies with different interests rely on ‘units shipped’ and ‘installed base’ data to size the amount of devices in use. We want to change this and bring the innovativeness in market intelligence to the mobile world. On a global scale. For all industries.”

Chinese gamers play a big part in the creation of the suite as well. “Having the identical depth of data on China as well as on the majority of countries outside of China is an enormous benefit to us. With approximately one-third of mobile devices being sold in China each year and China representing almost a third of the worlds’ mobile game revenues, you cannot say you have a truly global service if you do not have a similar quality of intelligence on China and the US for instance.”

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