Marketers may be working to find new ways to reach the millennial audience, but a recent survey conducted by Epsilon indicates that going old-school may be the best route. It turns out that amidst the YouTube, social media and mobile app channels, most respondents prefer plain old email.

AdWeek reported that the company’s recent shopper-behavior study yielded interesting results, with email getting a higher response than social media and other advertising models. In fact, 43 percent of millennials, compared with 32 percent of other shoppers, have said they’ve looked at retailer emails more often over the previous six months.

It’s a bit of a surprise, especially since a lot of consumers utilize email-blocking tools to avoid messages sent by companies, but a good portion of millennials seem to have no problem accepting them.

Other findings from the six-month study include:

  • 51 percent of millennials used searches across brand sites more often than average consumers.
  • Nearly 53 percent of millennial shoppers used daily deals, compared to 38 percent of other groups.
  • Nearly 56 percent used price comparison sites more often.
  • Around 47 percent of the millennial audience printed out coupons for use with purchases over the past six months. That’s higher than the 34 percent of other audiences.

While email may be a bit “old school” compared to other methods, it still seems very effective, and less obtrusive as some other means of advertising.

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