YouTube, in an effort to attract more creators, detailed on its blog that mobile livestreaming features have been added to its app, enabling users to broadcast from wherever they are by simply hitting a capture button.

“Because it’s built right into the YouTube app, mobile live streaming will have all the features your regular videos have—you’ll be able to search for them, find them through recommendations and playlists and protect them from unauthorized uses. And since it uses YouTube’s peerless infrastructure, it’ll be faster and more reliable than anything else out there,” wrote Kurt Wilms, product lead for immersive experiences at YouTube, in the blog post.

The feature was announced this morning at VidCon, where CEO Susan Wojcicki presented her keynote and spoke about the ways that mobile livestreaming would shake up the YouTube community. Furthermore, it puts the video service on equal footing with competitors like Facebook Live and Periscope.

“Livestreaming is not something that’s new for us, we’re always thinking about new ways to capitalize on immersive digital video in general,” said Neal Mohan, chief product officer at YouTube, speaking with Mashable before the company’s presentation. “Our belief is that YouTube—being a central place of video on internet—needs to be on the cutting edge. And we want to make it easier for our users to take advantage of these new technologies.”

“I’m really looking forward to seeing how everybody here uses these creative tools,” said Wojcicki during the keynote.

In addition, YouTube continues to work on expanding its line-up of shows for its subscription service, YouTube Red. The humor channel Smosh announced (via Variety) that it is working on a Saturday Night Live-style show that’s set to release sometime later this summer. Smosh Live! will feature the talents of Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, along with Joshua “Jovenshire” Ovenshire.

But perhaps the biggest programming announcement is with Step Up, a big-budget TV series that’s based on the popular dance films. YouTube will work alongside franchise holder Lionsgate on a ten-episode series, with each spanning 45 minutes.

Although the format hasn’t been finalized yet, Susanne Daniels, global head of original content for YouTube, is confident that it will be part of a “bigger, bolder” movement to “drive subscription.”