Ayzenberg trendsetter Ashley Otah examines some of the ways brands are leaning on nostalgia, going global and trending on our timelines ahead of the upcoming World Cup in Qatar.


Ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, McDonald’s launches its latest campaign, “Wanna Go To McDonald’s?” in over 75 countries. Win or lose, rain or shine, McDonald’s seems to be the common thread and the only answer for those going through the ups and downs of the worldwide championship. The campaign shows the connection between places near and far and how they share one thing in common at the root of it all. Although difficult to pull off, the brand’s largest campaign shows unity goes a long way. Whatever you call the Golden Arches, the campaign highlights that going global isn’t just a hot trend, it’s the way of the future.

Ted Lasso

The fictional soccer coach from the hit Apple TV+ show takes to the big leagues to show support for the United States Men’s National Soccer Team with a slew of billboards showing words of support in the hometowns of players and coaches. Written in Ted Lasso’s voice, the out-of-home campaign appears more than fitting. The endeavor is an excellent example of leaning into your audience and niche while staying true to the product and industry.


Footballverse,” Nike’s newest campaign, brings together the past and present like no other. The star-studded four-minute spot features a cast of world-class footballers plucked from different points in time going head-to-head duking it out on the pitch. In addition, the ad cultivates a space for new beginnings—an attribute that goes beyond the world of goals, fans and flags. With a nod to the future of football, Nike shows that anything is limitless.