This week, Ayzenberg trend-watcher Ashley Otah examines how retailers are looking to social media for inspiration on how to engage shoppers directly and even deliver deals right to their phones.


Amazon rolls out Inspire, a TikTok-like in-app shopping feed featuring personalized photo and video content based on customer input. Shoppers will be able to peruse and shop for the items they see on their feed. Like other platforms, Amazon aims to seamlessly merge the shopping and social media experience to facilitate shopping. This is something tech companies have struggled with in the past, however, we’re seeing a resurgence this season. One thing is certain: Only the winning features stand out and stay alive in the race for consumers’ attention. 


With locations in London, Los Angeles, Brooklyn and more, Glossier is no stranger to brick-and-mortar operations. Not only has the brand succeeded in the “real world,” but their social presence has also exploded as they amassed nearly 3 million Instagram followers — it hasn’t stopped growing yet. The physical stores allow customers to mix, match and try things on in real-time, an element that online offerings miss. Although the world continues to step into a mixture of physical and digital, it is still essential for brands to have an omnichannel strategy to stay alive and thriving. 


In its latest organic campaign, Logitech turns to social to get real. As the holiday season buzzes, brands are finding new ways to connect with their audiences. This is why the technology brand is using BeReal for its “12 Days of Deals.” This campaign allows users to get exclusive deals while using the app in its native form, helping the brand reach new, younger audiences. Meeting consumers where they are is as important as ever and will continue to help differentiate brands now and in the future.