Event Name: Advertising Week New York 2020

Stillwell Partners
10.05.2020 - 10.08.2020 | New York, NY, USA

Event Description

Advertising Week is a worldwide gathering of marketing, advertising, technology and brand professionals. From daytime seminars and workshops featuring some of the industry’s brightest minds to organized networking and world-class entertainment, Advertising Week is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Advertising Week crosses the globe with events in New York, London, Tokyo, Mexico City, Sydney and Johannesburg. 

Company Description

Stillwell Partners is a global boutique consultancy focused on the confluence of experience, education and engagement and is best known as the founding organizer of Advertising Week. Led by Stillwell co-founders Matt Scheckner and Lance Pillersdorf since 2004, Advertising Week has grown into the world’s largest annual gathering of brand, creative, marketing, media and technology leaders in the world. Beyond New York City, Advertising Week is now staged in Johannesburg, London, Mexico City, Tokyo and Sydney. Year-round, Stillwell also produces dedicated thought leadership content via AW360 and on-going continuing professional development via AWLearn.