Marketers are making moves this week, taking on posts at Peacock, Fossil and Bacardi. We also track the departure of chief marketing officers at Peloton, the NBA, State Farm and Lowe’s.

NBCUniversal Welcomes New Chief Marketing Officer

NBCUniversal’s Peacock named Shannon Willett, Netflix’s former vice president of global marketing strategy and operation, as their new chief marketing officer. Willet, who led a team of 250 at Netflix, managed international creative marketing campaigns for the streaming platform in several positions for seven years. Willet’s new role will involve leading Peacock’s global marketing efforts, including brand management, media planning, marketing operation and subscriber growth.

Forbes’ ‘Most Influential CMO’ Departs Peloton

Veteran marketer Dara Treseder is leaving Peloton on Oct. 4 after serving as the company’s senior vice president for marketing, membership and communications for just under three years. Treseder’s departure follows several high-profile exits at Peloton, including that of co-founder and former CEO John Foley, who left the company’s board in September. Before leading Peloton’s marketing strategy, she was chair of the board of directors at fintech firm Robinhood, as well as the board of directors of the nonprofit Public Health Institute. Treseder, who recently topped Forbe’s list of the most influential CMOs in the world, will join Autodesk on Oct. 14 as their new chief marketing officer.

NBA CMO Kate Jhaveri Ahead Of The New Season

After three years, which included guiding the league’s marketing efforts through the early days of the pandemic, NBA CMO Kate Jhaveri has left her position on the eve of the 2022-23 season. The NBA saw a 33 percent drop in revenue during the 2020/2021 season but has since reached a historic $10 billion in revenue. Jhaveri previously worked at Twitch, where she led marketing, communications, customer support and business intelligence, among other Amazon-owned streaming platforms. In addition, she previously worked at Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft.

Fossil Appoints Lisa Pillette To A Dual Role As SVP and CMO

Fossil Group Inc. has named long-time lead marketer Lisa Pillette as CMO. Pillette, who most recently worked as CMO at Casper Sleep Inc., will direct Fossil’s global marketing strategy while managing innovation, CRM, content and creative campaigns and go-to-market processes. “Lisa has tremendous depth and breadth of marketing experience with iconic brands, an innovative lens on what marketing of the future looks like and a compelling track record of delivering insight-led solutions,” said Holly Briedis, Fossil’s executive vice president and chief digital officer, in a press release.

Lowe’s CMO Marisa Thalberg Departs

Lowes’ Marisa Thalberg has left her position at the company, which she held since February 2020. Thalberg led Lowes’ marketing strategy through the early days of the pandemic and launched several high-profile campaigns. The company, like many other retailers, saw economic uncertainty impact revenues.

Ned Duggan Named Global Chief Marketing Officer And President Of Global Brands

Bacardi recently named Ned Duggan, who has worked with the brand for 17 years, global chief marketing officer and president of global brands. He will replace John Burke, who led the company’s marketing efforts in various leadership positions for 28 years.

Rand Harbert, State Farm CMO, Retires After 12 Years

State Farm CMO Rand Harbert will retire at the end of this year, after 12 years with the company. Harbert led State Farm’s brand repositioning in 2016 and revitalized the popular “Jake from State Farm” campaign. Previously, Cook worked on developing State Farm’s strategy to reach Gen Z and other audiences on emergent platforms such as TikTok, as well as virtual spaces like the metaverse.