Alana Balagot joined Ayzenberg back in 2015 as a senior developer with our digital team. Her latest role finds her as Ayzenberg’s Technical Lead. Alana joins the show today to discuss her passions outside of Ayzenberg, from film composition to robotics, and how those extracurriculars continue to inspire her professional life in tangible ways.

The conversation examines how creativity can be space-agnostic—so much that it makes its way into our professional lives, adding value to the organizations we belong to and driving us to make insightful, personally fulfilling work. The ultimate takeaway from this episode is to consider how you’re translating your non-professional passion into your work-life and reflect on what impact it would make to do so.

About Listen In: Each week on Listen In, Bretz and a rotating cast of hosts from Ayzenberg will interview experts in the field of marketing and advertising to explore uncharted territory together. The goal is to provide the audience with actionable insights, enabling them to excel in their field.