This week, Snapchat introduces templated ads that allow marketers to create ads that look visually native to the platform and LinkedIn rolls out a free events tool that members can use to facilitate in-person meet-ups.

Snapchat’s New Dynamic Ads Bring Automated Personalization To The Platform

According to a company post, ecommerce advertisers can now choose from five unique ad templates without the need for design skills.

Why it matters: The mobile-native templates will help brands deliver ads at scale while maintaining authenticity and creativity, two elements the platform’s young users value. The feature will also increase the relevancy of ads across Snapchat. 

The details: Dynamic Ads’ five templates are designed to showcase products visually and make advertisers’ ads look native to the platform, eliminating the need to manually create Snapchat ads. Dynamic Ads also allow marketers to sync a product catalog, select an audience for prospecting or re-engagement and will deliver the ad in real-time. Brands can continuously tailor their audience’s shopping experience because as changes to products occur, the ads adjust accordingly, allowing brands to run always-on campaigns.

LinkedIn Introduces Events Tool For Real-World Professional Meet-Ups

The events tool gives members the capacity to create and manage events with global members on mobile or desktop.

Why it matters: LinkedIn events could help the platform create another revenue stream down the line by adding premium memberships, making it a potential competitor of Eventbrite.

The details: To create an event, members must click on the “Community” panel on the left side of the newsfeed. After adding event details, organizers can invite guests using search filters, track attendees and invitees as well as post updates and interact with attendees. Anyone can join the event if they receive an invitation and members who have joined the event can also invite people from their own networks to attend. LinkedIn events will be available starting with English-speaking markets first over the next few days.

Twitter Introduces New Restrictions On Tweets From World Leaders Who Break Platform Rules

In a company blog post, Twitter provided clear insights into how it will address content from world leaders on the platform if that content violates its user policy or includes threatening or violent messages.

Why it matters: In June, Twitter said it wouldn’t remove certain Tweets of world leaders that broke its rules if there was a clear public interest in keeping them up. After user outcry, the platform updated its criteria.

The details: Twitter outlined scenarios that will result in the removal of tweets of world leaders. They include: promotion of terrorism, clear and direct threats of violence against an individual, posting private information such as home address and non-public personal phone number, posting or sharing intimate photos or videos of someone that were produced or distributed without their consent, engaging in behaviors relating to child sexual exploitation or encouraging or promoting self-harm. A tweet from Twitter’s safety page said that users will not be able to like, reply, share or retweet the tweets in question but will still be able to retweet with comment. Twitter also expanded on its decision-making process in its updated help center page. 

iOS Users Can Now Share Favorite Reddit Content To Snapchat

According to TechCrunch, a new integration allows sharing of text, link and image-based posts from Reddit’s “Safe for Work” forums.

Why it matters: Reddit is trying to encourage Snapchat’s younger users to use the platform given that a majority of its audience is a bit older (34 percent are 30-49 years old and 25 percent are 50-64 years old). Given Reddit’s growing ad business, estimated to reach $100 million in revenue, the platform must balance out its demographics and enhance usage to remain competitive. 

The details: Reddit users must have Snapchat installed on their iOS device to use the new feature which enables a “Share” icon on posts in the Reddit app that allows users to then post to Snapchat. People can send the post to a group of select friends or to their story for all friends to view it. The integration includes a new sticker featuring the Reddit logo and source information. 

Study Reveals Why Users Deactivate Their Social Media Accounts 

A GlobalWebIndex study that surveyed 1,000 US and UK users found that younger consumers are more likely to deactivate their accounts as compared to older users. 

Why it matters: People are becoming more cautious of what they share online given the increase in digital bullying as well as privacy and data breaches. 

The details: The study showed that 48 percent of users aged between 16 and 24 have temporarily deactivated their accounts (compared to just 30 percent of users aged 55-64). Multiple factors for deactivation include losing interest in posts shared by others (26 percent), the desire to spend time doing other things (25 percent) and fearing the repercussions social media can have on their image (25 percent).

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