Nearly 1 million women have left the workforce since the start of the pandemic in February 2020. This staggering statistic is why Surbhi Martin, vice president of greek yogurt and functional nutrition at Danone North America, and her team have launched The Comeback Program.

In this episode, Surbhi and I discuss Danone’s Light + Fit yogurt brand and their focus on helping women reacclimate to their careers after taking a break. Being one of the biggest B Corps in the world, purpose-driven marketing leads the charge for Danone’s marketing strategy. The Comeback program aligns not only with its purpose but with the mission and values of the company’s consumers.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • All About Light + Fit’s ‘The Comeback’ program
  • What a B Corp is
  • The importance of purpose-driven marketing to connect the dots between company purpose, product, and consumer needs

Key Highlights

  • [01:35] Surbhi’s career path
  • [03:20] What is a B Corp?
  • [04:25] What Surbhi’s role entails
  • [05:16] Light + Fit’s The Comeback program
  • [06:47] Origination of the program
  • [08:11] Partnership with Women Back to Work
  • [10:10] Previous partnership with Dress for Success
  • [13:31] Impact and throughline of overall marketing efforts of Danone through purpose-driven marketing
  • [19:32] An experience that defines Surbhi
  • [23:06] Surbhi’s advice to her younger self
  • [23:41] What Surbhi as a marketer, is learning more about
  • [26:10] Books Surbhi is reading now
  • [30:13] The biggest opportunity or threat for marketers today

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