Ayzenberg’s Ashley Otah looks at three major cultural trends this week and what they mean for brands.


Just brew it. Tables come to life in the Starbucks campaign, “Every Table Has a Story.” As a young creative navigates the working world, the answer “no” persists. Through trials and tribulations, a few things remain constant—dedication and a safe haven to shoot for the stars. Working from home is all a new generation knows, and they want the flexibility to explore other options. However, they are not alone, as others also look to go beyond the four walls of their homes and office spaces. Starbucks creates that space by underscoring how it can fit into anyone’s everyday life through a meaningful medium.  

YouTube Game On

Game over. Gaming is larger than ever, with an estimated 66 percent of Americans, or around 215 million people of all ages and backgrounds, playing video games regularly. YouTube tapped into these statistics by adding a live streaming component and hosting its first-ever “Game On event. The event was livestreamed worldwide and allowed for interactive gameplay. Community, collaboration and interactive content set the stage as a powerful way to connect generations. 

User Behavior

Wordsearch. Consumer behavior is rapidly changing as new platforms and tools emerge. What was once a foolproof way of exploring the internet and its offerings fades as the future nears. According to a Global Retail Path to Purchase study, 37 percent of users will immediately buy a product after discovering it on TikTok. In comparison, 74 percent of U.S. consumers begin their product searches on Amazon. Different platforms are responding accordingly. For example, Instagram recently launched a searchable map and others are launching nearby feeds. As the behaviors change, companies must continue to respond to these new shifts.