Ayzenberg Junior Strategist Ashley Otah recounts the past week’s most significant trends.


The devil is in the data. Meta is testing making every video a reel. Much like TikTok, platforms have seen significant differences in usage after implementing short-term content, infinite scrolling, and similar app-like features. However, assuming users will enjoy one feature on an app to the next can prove to be a bust as some go to different platforms for different experiences. As the battle for attention continues, bidding on short-term vs. long-term content is becoming a gamble. However, sifting through data and sentiment can be the perfect setup for success.


Talking heads. Twitch, the live video streaming platform, is announcing ‘Guest Star,’ a feature that allows creators to pull in guests in what feels like a talk show. Guest Star will allow anyone with a Twitch account to be looped in by creators. First, the feature will be launched with a select group, with future rollouts coming in the foreseeable future. Having multiple options to operate on platforms, whether through sound, visuals, the combination of the two, and more, gives creators a runway to get creative. Ultimately, this allows brands to connect with larger audiences and create more enjoyable experiences for all.

Yeat X Minions

Yeat on the beat. Yeat enters the Minion universe with his song “Rich Minion” for Minions: The Rise of Gru. Yeat, the American rapper, rose in popularity in 2021 and has not looked back since. With songs like “Sorry Bout That” and others that have since blown up on TikTok, the rapper has cemented his own lane. With the addition of the Minions franchise, the two make a very different duo most have seen. Unlikely partnerships and collaborations can make the mark and fuel collaborations people not only look forward to but accept with open arms.