Ayzenberg Junior Strategist Ashley Otah recounts last week’s trends.


Convenience is king. Grubhub expands its ‘Grubhub Goods’ convenience offerings nationwide with the help of its 7-Eleven partnership. People are becoming more comfortable with eCommerce and the speed at which desired items can arrive with one click. Rightfully so, the options to order online and have goods delivered helps people from varying backgrounds and abilities to have their needs met. In addition, the space is rapidly expanding as the competition between competitors quickens. With that in mind, brands must concisely convey value add for audiences with convenience in mind.

Pot Roast

According to her owner, Pot Roast the beloved TikTok cat, has passed. The journey and passing of the cat via social media highlight the interconnectedness of online personalities, their lives, and viewers. Although the relationships between all are purely social, the ripple effect touches the masses even beyond screens. The experience known as parasocial relationships is debated as perfectly normal, not inherently problematic, and dangerous and damaging. However, the humanity of those behind the screens can not be denied as millions of people connect, even if only online, and it is something to acknowledge further.


It’s all in the moderation. TikTok takes steps to protect women and the LGBTQ community by banning deadnaming, misgendering, and more. The video-focused social networking platform has updated its Community Guidelines to reflect these changes and hopefully create a safer space for all to enjoy the application. The outlined actions align with audience expectations and demands for transparency from organizations. The ongoing updating of safeguards and support will continue to be a core attribute consumers look for.


For you, by you. YSL’s best-selling beauty product is continuing to break on the scene. Dubbed as one of TikTok’s must-need viral products, the Rogue Sure Mesure Custom Lip Color Creator is an item that consumers view as the future. Even with a higher price point, reviewers said they “would pay twice the amount for it.” Brands can utilize a white space that satiates a need where others have missed the mark by involving the consumer in the process and providing a level of personalization that they can not get anywhere else.


Name game. The highly requested option to change usernames will be available to Snapchatters starting February 23. The update is a sigh of relief for those who have been on the platform since its early inception. The new feature highlights an underlying desire to change front-facing information on social media. Offering users the option to update information and profiles as beliefs, appearances, and perceptions change allows consumers to navigate life with a digital footprint. This flexibility will be a continued trend as audiences are exposed to social media and entertainment outlets at a younger age.