Ayzenberg’s resident trendspotter Ashley Otah is taking a much-needed break this week. In her stead, Ayzenberg’s Olivia Gutierrez highlights a few of the major trends occupying our timelines.

Apple Event 2022

Far Out. Apple unveiled the latest iPhone 14 and Apple Watch models, as well as their new AirPods and updated Apple Fitness + at a virtual event produced at their headquarters in Cupertino last Friday.

SKKY Partners

Kim Kardashian has created a new private equity firm called SKKY Partners. The firm’s launch was announced on Twitter, calling this new venture the “next generation Consumer & Media private equity firm.” Kim and Jay Sammons are listed as co-founders, and Kris Jenner will serve as a partner at the firm.

Bowie’s NFT

On Sept. 13, David Bowie’s estate will release an NFT collection titled “Bowie on Blockchain.” The NFTs have been created by several artists, and they are being sold on OpenSea, with 100 percent of profits generated going to CARE, a non-profit humanitarian organization.

AI Art-Generated Demons

Meet Loab. When messing around with AI art generators goes creepily wrong, a viral Twitter thread and an urban legend are born.

It’s Corn!

It has the juice. This interview of a 7-year-old became a TikTok viral sensation after The Gregory Brothers remixed Tariq’s corn-loving spiel into a catchy tune. Since its online explosion, Tariq was invited to Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota, to be named their state’s Corn-Bassador. He was also granted a scholarship by the state to learn more about agriculture tourism in South Dakota. In the wise words of Tariq, “I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing!”