Amazon has shown an immense amount of growth with the applications and games available within its Appstore, according to numbers revealed by the company.

The Appstore realized revenue of about $2.5 billion in the last year, which is just about half of Google Play’s estimated $5 billion in earnings. That said, the Amazon Appstore is definitely picking up in popularity, to the point that it’s the most popular third-party one available.

Most of its growth came within the last year, as it showed a 200 percent increased in visitors and downloaders in the past year. With that steady pace, Amazon’s store could easily be on par with Google’s in about three years’ time.

A good deal of this is due to the growth of applications available for download. Amazon has confirmed that the number of available games and other programs have almost tripled over the past year, growing to 240,000. That’s still a ways to go when it comes to reaching Google Play’s 1.3 million and Apple’s 1.2 million, but it’s progress nonetheless.

While it may appear that Google Play is king, general numbers don’t quite equate revenue. Although Google Play did account for 75 percent of mobile app downloads over the past year, it only had $5 billion in revenue, compared to the 18 percent of downloads in the Apple App Store, and its gross revenue of $10 billion.

Amazon’s Appstore actually has larger revenue potential than both stores, according to Developer Economics. Most application developers have a cross-platform approach when it comes to publishing their work. While Amazon is at a lowly 16 percent (compared to Google Play’s 65 percent), its growth could see a shift in numbers in just a year’s time, or maybe a little longer.

Even though Amazon still has a bit of an upward struggle when competing against both Google and Apple, there’s no question that it has the tools and developer support to get the job done. The mobile market is definitely getting more interesting.

Source: Quibb