With the announcement that Xbox Entertainment Studios would cease operations (in favor of more game-oriented content for the Xbox consoles and other mediums), AMC Studios has taken an interest in one of the studios’ more interesting projects.

The channel behind such popular shows as Hell on Wheels, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead is close to finalizing a deal to bring the series Humans to development, in conjunction with U.K. broadcaster Channel Four and Shine Group-owned group Kudos.

Although the studio hasn’t officially mentioned supporting the series, it already has stated that it’s involved with various cast members from the project, with a rumored start date of sometime next month, according to Variety. The series, which will span eight episodes, is likely to premiere sometime in 2015.

With Xbox Entertainment Studios somewhat in flux, AMC assures that a cast can finally be “nailed down” for the production, and that it can move forward into actually being made.

The show, based on the Swedish series Real Humans, deals with regular people who have robot servants, and how their reactions actually play an impact on day-to-day proceedings. As you might guess, the robots actually look a little human themselves.

The show is being produced by Jane Featherstone and Derek Wax, and Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley are on board to write it.

With its partnership with Microsoft, AMC can resume show-making duties from XES, while two other projects, the Halo series produced by Ridley Scott and another by Steven Spielberg and Showtime, remain in the works. Since they’re tying in with Microsoft forthcoming releases of Halo: The Master Chief Collection this year and Halo 5: Guardians next year, these shows shouldn’t run the risk of being cancelled.

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Source: Variety