Even though the systems are just getting their launch this holiday season, an analyst believes that both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have big futures ahead.

Futuresource Consulting has stated that PlayStation 4 will have a sales advantage over the Xbox One in the following five years, but that both units will perform well and gain a huge installed base. The PlayStation 4 will have roughly 36 million units sold, while the Xbox One will be in a cool second place with 30 million.

“We expect the Xbox One to sell well in the USA due to existing customer loyalty, repositioning as an integrated multimedia home hub will open up further market opportunities, though it is launching into a crowded marketplace, so gaining a strong foothold in this category will be challenging,” says the report.

“The PS4 is likely to maintain its strong lead in its core territories of Japan and continental Europe. Due to its lower price point and positive PR within the gaming community, the PS4 will also reduce Xbox’s lead in the key Microsoft territories of the USA and UK when compared with previous generations.”

The PlayStation 4 launches in the U.S. on November 15, while the Xbox One follows a week later on November 22.

Source: MCV