Want to see what’s going down at the first ever TwitchCon happening this Friday and Saturday in San Francisco [a]listdaily will be live streaming coverage of the event, brought to you by ION, the Influencer Orchestration Network.

Tune in for an in-depth look at the biggest video streaming boom the internet has ever seen with one-on-one interviews and coverage.

daniel kayser

Hosted by gaming industry on-air personality Daniel Kayser, on Friday we’ll be focusing on brands and game publishers taking part in TwitchCon with in-depth interviews live from the Twitch Lounge as well as showcasing the best of the showroom floor.

Saturday will be hosted by Ayzenberg‘s own Amanda Schuckman and coverage will focus on Twitch’s biggest broadcasting talent taking part in the show and what they are doing to find and connect with audiences on Twitch as well as how they are approaching brand and advertising relationships.

Some of the people we have confirmed to be interviewed on the stream during the brand day include DayBreak’s Chief Publishing Officer Laura Naviaux, Electronic Arts/Bioware Producer Cory Butler and BandaiNamco Entertainment America’s Cory Maggard. Twitch talent such as Kristen Pickle AKA KittyPlaysGames, Evan Jarvis AKA Gripsed and Fats AKA Warren Blake will be there, too.

The live stream will start at 10:30 am on Friday on the [a]listdaily’s Twitch channel and then we’ll go live at 1:00 pm as well as 3:00 pm PST both Friday and Saturday.

If you want to send us questions that you have about Twitch and the booming video streaming industry and the brands and talent involved, tweet us @alistdaily.

Want to be featured in the stream Contact jbaage@ayzenberg.com.