Virtual technologies are ruling the Game Developers Conference this week. Along with Oculus VR showing its latest Rift technology and Sony introducing its own headset, Sulon Technologies is also getting involved.

The company is showing off its Cortex virtual reality “spatial gaming” system at GDC this week, a device that will turn literally any gaming room into a virtual world. Chief executive Dhanushan (Dhan) Balachandreswaran explained that the headset uses a different approach than other headsets, however.

Users put on a headset with goggles that completely cover the eyes, and then it tracks the borders of the room using magnetic technology. From there, game imagery can be projected into the space of the real world, layering on a fantasy world around familiar surroundings.

“We’re going to change the way the world perceives entertainment,” said Balachandreswaran. “You could walk around in circles, but visually it may feel like you’re walking for miles.”

Users will be able to expand the world however they please, and not just be “cramped” in where they want to get around.

The headset will be priced at $499, with a launch expected next year.

Source: VentureBeat