The PlayStation 4 has only been at retail in select markets for about a week, and it’s already setting huge sales records across the globe – including Canada.

Sony Computer Entertainment Canada VP and GM Steve Turvey couldn’t help but talk about the big sales the system has generated, resulting in the biggest launch in the country’s gaming history. “The launch was a huge success by any standard of measurement. It was by far the largest launch in gaming history in Canada, and we were thrilled by the execution, bust mostly the response of PlayStation fans and consumers,” he said.

“We launched more units than we have ever in any console launch across any platform at any time, and by far the most,” he continued. “Three times, four times as much as we’ve done historically, and still demand seems to be unsated.”

As for those who were left unsated, more consoles are on the way. “We have a nice healthy supply of inventory that we’ll continue to flow into the marketplace, and we hope that demand continues,” he concluded.

Source: Gamesindustry International