OUYA isn’t the only game in town when it comes to Android gaming on a television. BlueStacks is easily providing a good amount of competition between its subscription-based GamePop and GamePop Mini systems.

Today, BlueStacks improved upon the service by signing on five new developers to help with the launch of the system. These include TinyCo, Animoca, Game Circus, Creative Mobile and Nevosoft – all of which provide over 340 million downloads through the Google Play store to this date.

“Support from the developer community is like air,” BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma explained in a email to TechCrunch. “Without it, you can’t get users, as people will have never heard of the apps. We feel very fortunate the community is lining up behind GamePop so strongly.

With these new additions, the game library for GamePop has picked up significantly, now worth about $200 – not bad for a $6.95 monthly subscription fee.

Source: TechCrunch