Zynga has announced that it has signed Disruptor Beam to its Zynga Partners program. The company will become the publisher of Game of Thrones Ascent.

“The game, based on the epic hit series from HBO, was highly sought after in the publishing space and has seen huge interest from players over the past couple of month,” wrote Zynga head of partner publishing Rob Dyer. “Disruptor Beam has done an outstanding job with the game’s design — creating an engaging and authentic experience that appeals to midcore and casual players alike, and reflects the incredible world of Game of Thrones, created by George R.R. Martin and brought to life by HBO.”

“We launched Game of Thrones Ascent into open beta on Facebook on February 21, and since then we’ve seen half-a-million installs of the game in less than two months — with many players coming back again-and-again to immerse themselves in the world of Westeros,” wrote Jon Radoff, CEO and Founder of Disruptor Beam. “But, as with any social game developer, a primary goal is to continue to iterate on the game with new mechanics and features, while continuing to grow the player base. For those reasons, we are extremely excited to partner with Zynga, exposing Game of Thrones Ascent to Zynga’s millions of players on Zynga.com and Facebook, while working side-by-side with the Zynga Partners team to continue to make this game a true extension of HBO’s renowned series Game of Thrones.”

“Now, if you haven’t had a chance to check out Game of Thrones Ascent, here’s what you should know. We’ve stayed authentic and true to the literary works of George R.R. Martin, as well as the HBO series,” he continued. “We’ve worked directly with HBO for over a year to ensure that our game accurately reflects the world of Westeros. Blending immersive story lines and strategic play, the game allows players to lead the life of a noble during a time of upheaval — a scene familiar to fans of the books and TV series. You’ll swear allegiance to one of the Great Houses, select your lineage, secure your holdings, develop your lands and reputation, and assign sworn swords to quests — while forging alliances with new friends. And, to stay even more true to the series, we’ve been releasing new content each week following new episodes from Season 3, allowing players to live out some of the experiences they witness on TV — a unique Transmedia experience that is not currently seen in any other social game.”

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