A survey conducted by RetailMeNot revealed some interesting shopping desires among US consumers, based on a sample of over 1,000 consumers aged 18 and older taken in early October. If you were wondering whether consoles are still a desired consumer item, this survey should set your mind at ease. Gaming consoles topped the list as the most popular electronic item being considered by 62 percent of parents for their kids. Next in popularity was handheld educational devices (58 percent), portable music players (54 percent) and handheld gaming devices (54 percent). As you might expect, fathers are more likely than mothers (68 percent vs. 57 percent) to consider buying a gaming console for their child.

Tablets and smartphones are also figuring prominently in shopping plans. Nearly half of the consumers surveyed feel that children should have their own cell phone (46 percent) or tablet (44 percent) at age 13 or younger. Additionally, nearly half of parents (48 percent) are willing to consider purchasing a tablet for their child.

Source: RetailMeNot