Since the legendary Figueroa Hotel is right next door to the Los Angeles Convention Center, it’s no surprise that its side is often used for advertising purposes, as it’s seen ads based on Max Payne 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the past. Now, it looks like Rockstar Games has returned with yet another new ad which is its biggest yet.

A huge Grand Theft Auto V mural is being painted on the side of the building featuring the three main characters from the game in different windows. What better way to showcase larger-than-life characters than with larger-than-life images? This week is a big one for the game, as Rockstar will be unveiling the online multiplayer portion this Thursday, introducing players to a vast, trouble-filled world.

Grand Theft Auto V releases on September 17 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: Videogamer