When Google announced that they would be redesigning Gmail back in May with a new tab filtering system that keeps marketing emails out of the standard inbox, many companies feared that this would be the end of their email marketing programs. However, that hasn’t been the case. Marketers and email vendors spoke to Ad Age about how there are ways around the problem.

“We’ve found there’s been really no impact in our business overall. In fact since the redesign launched, we’ve seen no change in (email) open rates, and response rates have stayed almost exactly the same,” said Jeffrey Lack, director of marketing at Jiffy Lube. Their email base remains high with a couple of million of email addresses.

Other companies, like Responsys and Epsilon, haven’t seen much change either. “We’re seeing a slight decline in Gmail opens, but we’re seeing conversion rates and click-to-open rates staying steady,” said Epsilon’s VP-customer experience designer Shannon Aronson. That’s good news for email marketers, who worried that the increasing popularity of Gmail with its filtering feature might affect their business.

Source: AdAge