When Microsoft launched the Xbox One last year, it faced incredible opposition from Sony’s PlayStation 4 console, which was priced at $100 less and came with user-friendly features that helped it build an immediate audience. However, one year later, Microsoft believes it has learned from its mistakes, an dis now ready for the ultimate game of catch-up as the approaching holiday season grows near.

It’s already got a jump start on the numbers, as it previously reported that the Xbox One system has managed to rise past the ten million units sold mark worldwide. Electronic Arts has also noted how quickly the company has turned around, which shouldn’t be a surprise since it partnered up with Microsoft for its exclusive EA Access service after Sony took a pass on it.

Now comes the holiday stretch, and with so many bundles to choose from (including packages packed with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, two Assassin’s Creed games or Sunset Overdrive), Mike Nichols, vice president of Microsoft Studios, thinks that the holiday tide will work in the company’s favor, according to the Financial Post.

Nichols was quick to address the system’s performance, even though it did come up in second place last Christmas. “If you step back and look at the Xbox One, it’s still very early in the console’s life cycle,” he explained. “The sales of the Xbox One even outpaced Xbox 360 in terms of life cycle. Of course, we look forward to doing better and better and we think we’re set up to have one of the best holidays we’ve ever had with Xbox, given all the great games we’ve released.”

The combination of killer bundles and a $50 price drop have certainly helped in the company’s favor. However, it’s also been playing closer attention to consumer feedback, as well as providing better assistance through such means as Twitter accounts, such as @xboxliverewards and @xboxsupport.

There has been plenty of feedback in regards to the motion-sensing Kinect device, which Microsoft removed from certain bundles in order to make the price more affordable. He remained supportive of it, stating, “Some of our most satisfied customers are people with Kinect. That said, not every game is designed to take advantage of it and you know, hey, over time publishers and developers will determine where to take advantage of it and where not to.”

For now, though, the core Xbox One bundle continues to be a big hit, and that’s where business seems to matter most for Microsoft. It’ll be interesting to see how sales of the unit fare, especially with Black Friday now just over a week away.