Microsoft has done a lot these past few months to push its Xbox One console, but it’s just made an interesting new hire that could change its perspective.

The company has announced that it has hired TV presenter and pop culture master Jonathan Ross to work as a consultant for the company, advising a number of Microsoft’s teams in the United Kingdom. Though specific details weren’t revealed about the partnership, the company is thrilled to have him on board.

“We wanted to change our thinking,” said Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison, after the announcement was made at an Xbox One event in London earlier in the week. “What we wanted to do was to bring in new talent that would challenge the way we build games and the way we think about what an audience is, to think about what is entertainment, and broaden the concept of gaming to maybe blur the distinctions about what a traditional game is and what a traditional television program or what is a traditional linear media.”

Ross isn’t working for the company full-time, as he’s working on other projects as well, including the upcoming Hotsauce iOS game Catcha Catcha Aliens.

Source: IGN