Everyone likes a good bundle deal when it comes to purchasing games. After all, Humble Bundle does them all the time, providing good deals while giving a good amount of money to charity. Now, Apple device owners can get in on the action with a special bundle service of their own.

With the debut of iOS8 yesterday, Apple has introduced a new section to the App Store called Bundles, which gives developers the chance to offer a multitude of apps with a single purchase.

These bundles feature a number of apps and/or games that can be purchased in one shot, such as a bundle for the Cut the Rope puzzle games going for a cheap $3.99 — nearly a $7 savings over buying the games individually. Some of the bundles are a bit more expensive than others — Square Enix’s Final Fantasy package is currently selling for $70 — but they still provide savings nevertheless.

The Bundles feature should enable publishers to boost sales (and overall installs) for a number of products in their lines, offering a discount in return for getting more titles. It’s classic marketing, now (finally) available in the App Store.

However, with the new service, according to GigaOm, there’s potential for developers to provide a new way to offer mobile software to someone’s device, enabling them to do multiple installs of programs instead of one big program. (Considering that the iOS8 update in itself takes 2.8 GB to install, some people can easily relate to that.)

Using mobile deep linking, the separate programs can easily install together into an operating system, and then join together into an application to run smoothly, just as it would with a singular download. This could be a nice alternative to those app makers that want to provide convenience to users downloading bigger games, such as Bioshock, which clocks in at over 1.5 GB — which could take a while to download depending on the strength of the user’s network.

What do you think Could bundling make it more convenient to download apps to your mobile device Or do you prefer the single, lengthy downloads as you prefer them now

Source: GigaOm

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