Sony has a number of PlayStation 3 bundles on the market, ranging from the basic 120 to 250 GB models to more deluxe packages, like the fancy red 500 GB God of War package or Assassin’s Creed model. However, now there’s a system for those who want just the very basics from the system. We mean totally basic, too.

Rumor has it that Sony will ship a new 12 GB — yes, you read that correctly — model of the PlayStation 3 to U.S. retailers starting next week, on August 18th. Selling for $199, the system will include 12 GB of flash memory. That’s fine for watching stream-based services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, but not so ideal when it comes to storing downloaded games. Savvy users can install their own hard drive to upgrade the storage, however.

This system has been introduced in Europe, but Sony stated in the past that it wouldn’t be releasing it here in the United States. Sony still hasn’t given official word on the system’s release, but don’t be surprised if you see it pop up next week.

Source: Ars Technica