Multiplayer sessions of Call of Duty, including the most recently released Ghosts, can be quite random, but every once in a while you run into a player that you remember well in the match. This could be a professional game player, or, in some cases, a professional athlete, as they’re known to kick back and relax with the shooter.

Now players will have a better opportunity to do so, through a new app called OverDog. Developed in conjunction with Call of Duty publisher Activision, the app allows users to play online sessions alongside their favorite athletes.

“Adrian Peterson is going to play Call of Duty this week anyway,” noted Steve Berneman, CEO and co-founder of startup OverDog.

“Athletes are very competitive, and they see it as another way to compete with each other and the people around them,” added Dario Raciti, director of Zero Code, OMD’s gaming specialty shop, which helped put the app together.

Here’s how it works: those who download the app will have the chance to play an athlete through random selection, once they indicate that they want to play an online match-up. From there, fans can accept the challenge, turn on their game systems, and get into action. During these sessions, fans can ask these players anything – though obviously some topics may be a little touchy, depending on the athlete.

“We listen in on these, and the first 30 seconds of the conversation are about the game, then the next couple of minutes are stuff you’d ask a pro athlete,” said Berneman. “Once we get through that, it’s like a couple of 25-year olds playing Call of Duty.

Other athletes taking part in the program include starting pitcher David Price, former NHL player Jeremy Roenick and the NBA’s Patrick Beverly, among 300 or so other athletes.

There’s no word yet on the app’s price, but more information should be released soon.

Source: Adweek