Three months following their initial merging, mobile marketing firm PlayHaven and analytics company Kontagent have announced a rebranding for their team, going under the name Upsight. The page will be devoted to assisting developers with tracking user behavior and taking immediate action when it comes to marketing and monetizing them.

The new company, based in San Francisco, will assist mobile developers in the best way possible, with services that include working on analytics for tracking and marketing virtual goods based on what gamers’ demand is. It has a huge audience to build upon, with more than 650 million registered monthly active users – a 62.5 percent increase since the merger.

“We are here to transform the world’s data into valuable action,” said Andy Yang, chief executive of Upsight. “Our merger was a wake-up call for everyone in the industry.”

“Everything we have seen has reinforced our strategy, and we are happy about that,” said Josh Williams, chief technology officer for the company. “There is so much fragmentation in this space. We are seeing consolidation across the board now. We made the right move at the right time.”

Source: VentureBeat