PlayHaven has announced that it has grown its user base by 400 percent year-over-year with 109 million new users added in the first quarter of 2013 alone. The leading lifetime value (LTV) maximization platform now tracks more than 523 million unique users, 121 million monthly active users and 10 billion events each month.

Mobile Deluxe, developer of casual games like Big Win Slots and Solitaire Deluxe on iOS and Android, partnered with PlayHaven to better engage users and increase revenue. Mobile Deluxe was able to experiment with different real-time marketing campaigns using PlayHaven’s user segmentation, virtual goods promotion and interstitial ad tools, to engage diverse user segments and improve player monetization.

“We make free-to-play casual games, so it’s vital to capture revenue at all phases of a player’s lifecycle,” said Alfred Fung, Director of Marketing at Mobile Deluxe. “Using a combination of PlayHaven’s tools has allowed us to test and gain insight into what resonates with our audience in order to maximize revenue from different customer segments.”

“Over the past year, we saw significant growth in adoption of our engagement, retention and monetization tools enabling marketing success across the spectrum of indie developers, mobile game studios and multi-studio game publishers,” said Charles Yim, Chief Operating Officer, PlayHaven. “With thousands of new games launching every week, retaining and keeping players engaged has never been more important for game developers. Developers should use PlayHaven’s tools to better engage their users, stay competitive in this market and make a meaningful impact on their games’ performance.”