The European mobile games publication Pocket Gamer held their first U.S. event on Wednesday and Thursday this week in SF. The event brought together many European and Asian as well as U.S.-based mobile game developers and publishers to network, to do business and discuss hot topics in mobile gaming and beyond.

Here’s a recap of some of the highlights from yesterday’s “Superstar Sessions” that kicked off the event:

Samsungs’s VP of Emerging Platforms Mihai Pohontu Shows How Powerful Mobile Is

Pohontu has a very positive attitude towards the growth potential for wearables, Internet of Things and VR. For example, he showed research that predicted that connected mobile health apps and hardware that help you better control your own health have the potential to increase average life expectancy by 10 years.

DeNA Talks Nintendo Partnership

DeNA’s CEO Shintaro Asako spoke about the company’s partnership with Nintendo that had been long in the works and how the company is launching Nintendo IP’s on mobile that, according to him, has the potential to attract “100’s of millions of players.” He did not say more about which IP’s will be first out of the gate (Zelda, Mario Bros., etc.).