The PlayStation Plus service has been a huge boon for both Sony and consumers since its introduction a few years ago, offering a number of exclusive game releases for download, as well as special deals on other titles that practically make them a steal.

So it should be no surprise then that the user base for the Plus service has quadrupled in size since its introduction, according to DualShockers. A total audience number hasn’t been provided, but considering that over ten million PlayStation 4 units have been sold, it’s no doubt playing a huge part. (PlayStation Plus is required to access online multiplayer with more popular titles, although some believe that isn’t as limited in service as Xbox Live’s Gold program.)

With that, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America Andrew House has explained that there will be a number of improvements to the PlayStation Plus service moving forward, as the company vows to add a number of benefits and features that give consumers the most bang for their buck.

The three areas where Sony plans to improve the service are as follows:

-Strengthening the online multiplayer line-up to drive adoption of the subscription and membership service

-Strengthening the free content delivered to subscribers every month, increasing the value of their subscription package

-Enhancing the community-based features of PlayStation Plus, to make it appealing not just to core gamers, but also to a broader audience

Sony is also looking to provide more alpha and beta access to select titles, just as it did with Evolve and The Crew earlier this month, and also looks to improve the server infrastructure on its PlayStation Network service, although specifics were, again, not mentioned.

PlayStation Plus subscriptions are available for purchase both online and through activation cards that are sold at retailers, so it’s likely to be a big holiday seller alongside PlayStation 4’s this holiday season – especially considering that the console is more readily available than it was last year.