Sony confirmed long-running rumors this week at the Game Developers Conference when it finally announced that it was working on a new virtual reality headset to operate with the PlayStation 4, titled the Morpheus.

The headset, which is still a work in progress, features a 90 degree display with 15 mm eye relief, with the manufacturers looking to get it up to 1080p in resolution. The current prototype features a 1000hz tracking system with a three meter working volume, which enables 360-degree head movement.

The headset uses similar technology to PlayStation’s Move controller, instead of accelerometers to track head movements. The PlayStation Eye camera will be required in order to get it to work.

A number of companies are already on board to develop for the Morpheus, including Epic Games, Havok and Crytek.

Sony will be demoing the headset throughout the week at its booth at GDC. There’s no word on pricing or a release date.

Source: GamesIndustry International