Stan Lee is synonymous with Marvel Comics. Even though the co-creator of the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and Spider-Man still keeps busy popping up in big screen adaptations, he spends most of his time concocting brand new super heroes for a new generation of fans, as well as for new cultures around the world.

Lee founded POW! Entertainment with Gill Champion back in 2001. Since then, he’s been active in everything from print and digital comics to video games. He’s watched as games have served as a new way to introduce young fans to comics.

“People playing video games usually already know the characters, but if they don’t, games will certainly make them interested in the characters,” said Lee. “And they will certainly make them want to go from the video game to the comic book or to the digital version or the movie or whatever there is involving those characters.”

In addition to developing games based on his own properties, he’s worked with Activision over the past few years first providing his voice for games and last year providing his likeness for The Amazing Spider-Man.

“At first I didn’t believe it, but when I saw that it was really happening, – oh, man, I got a big kick out of it,'” said Lee. “Just imagine, I was a character in a game. I don’t think they made me look enough like Brad Pitt, but aside from that, I thought it was pretty great.”

Stan Lee and Gill Champion

With Sony Pictures releasing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on May 2 and Activision serving up a new video game tie-in, Lee’s not about to reveal any secrets about his involvement in the new game. (He is confirmed for another movie tie-in.)

“Well, I hate to admit this, but it really isn’t up to me,” said Lee, referring to the games. “They just tell me what to do. I go to the studio, I say whatever I have to or whatever they tell me to do, and then I leave. It’s the people doing the games that really are the geniuses and they make those decisions.”

But at POW! Entertainment, Lee is in charge of gaming. The company has had success with its first mobile game, Verticus, which was developed by Moonshark.

“Apps are fairly easy to create, they’re accessible, they’re fairly inexpensive compared to developing a console game, which takes many years,” said Champion. “We’re now developing the next stage of how we would like to introduce Verticus and grow that into something that will hopefully be more than a video game app.”

Games are part of the franchise creation that POW! Entertainment undergoes with each new super hero they develop.

“As we start developing an IP in the early stages, video games – particularly the app video games – are extremely important to start to introduce Stan’s new characters and stories to as many possible fan boys and video game fans as possible,” said Champion. “But as the franchise begins to develop and it goes into further development such as a motion picture, then usually you begin to get involved with third parties, whether it’s other distribution entities, mini majors or a studio. We want to make sure that we’re working in tandem with them as they develop the feature film to have games and other applications.”

The company has been churning out global super heroes like Chakra: The Invincible in India, The Annihilator for China and a new unnamed Latin super hero. Lee is also working on the world’s first ecological super hero called The Retaliator.

“He’s our first earth warrior,” said Champion. “The story has to do with taking a look at how our super hero can help save the ecology.”

“In fact, we’re doing so much for the world, I don’t know why we’re not tax exempt,” joked Lee.

The plan for The Retaliator is to get a Hollywood movie out first. POW! is currently talking to several studios about the project, which Lee said is a big picture in the sense of scope and will be very technology driven.

“We would love to see it perhaps be an action comic book or a motion comic book that would tie in to the movie,” said Champion. “Then a different division within the studio could work on things like consumer products, social media and so forth. That will be a decision the studio will make, as they begin to package this with actors and directors.”

As comics have migrated from print to digital to mobile, POW! has embraced new technology like smartphones and tablets.

“One of the beauties of digital is that you can reach far more people distributed on so many devices and it’s global at the same time,” said Champion. “As Stan has done in the comic book industry, we position ourselves to be leaders in providing new content.”

Lee has embraced YouTube to further connect with today’s digital-savvy gaming audience. Stan Lee’s World of Heroes features Lee’s rants and other short video content.

“The great thing about YouTube is it gives you an opportunity to present scripted and unscripted shows,” said Champion. “We tried to put a little something for everyone out there with sci-fi, fantasy, comedy and pop culture. This medium allows us to collaborate with a range of different personalities and fans, where we can bring together some of the stars from the comic book and film industries, some of the stars, and particularly appeal to fan boys and the geek universe.”

Lee has been delivering entertainment to geeks since the ’40s and he shows no signs of slowdown. Technology, especially special effects and video games, continue to deliver his creations to new generations of fans through Marvel properties. And Lee still goes back to the drawing board to fashion brand new super heroes.