There’s no question that Nintendo has been struggling a bit as of late. Even with the sales numbers from its summer release Mario Kart 8 gaining ground, the company’s been losing grasp on its audience with the Wii U, especially with the recent news that such big third-party games like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Assassin’s Creed: Rogue wouldn’t be released for the console.

However, Super Smash Bros. could easily turn that around this holiday season. The game, which features many popular Nintendo and other game characters brawling against each other in multiplayer fashion, is releasing on 3DS for October 3, and rumored to arrive on Wii U on November 21.

If overseas sales and recent demo downloads are any indication, the title could be a monster hit for the company. A sales report from Japan indicates that the 3Ds game alone has managed to surpass the one million sales mark in just two days’ time, accounting for both physical copies and digital downloads.

In addition, Nintendo surprised a few select Club Nintendo members over the past weekend with the debut of a playable demo for the game. The demand for it was so high that it flooded servers, forcing Nintendo to take down its virtual eShop temporarily in order to fix things up. Here’s hoping they’re at full strength when the demo releases for all customers on September 19.

Even with its sales woes and lack of third-party support, Nintendo expects to ride high on Christmas sales. Hyrule Warriors will debut on the Wii U on September 26, with Bayonetta 2 following closely behind on October 24. Then Smash will come, just in time for the holiday sales rush, and Nintendo will no doubt see sales for that title flourish on both platforms.

Now it’s just a matter of seeing if it can keep up this momentum – and maybe gain back its third-party partners – with a slew of new games set for 2015.

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Source: Gamespot