For almost 30 years now, Tetris has remained a classic puzzle favorite, with dropping puzzle pieces paired with a classic Russian soundtrack (since the game was developed by Alexei Pajitnov, after all). The game has been released for a number of platforms over the years, including PC and game consoles alike – and now it’s set the stage to claim a world record over the weekend.

Hundreds of people flocked to the Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles this weekend, dressed as Tetriminos, human versions of puzzle pieces included in the classic game, to set a world record. Over 200 participants took part in the get-together, paying tribute to the 30th anniversary of the classic puzzle game.

The idea was put together by Blue Planet Software, the agent for the Tetris brand, and submitted to the Guinness World Records for verification, according to VentureBeat. Maya Rogers, CEO of the company, explained why it was shooting for such a unique record. “When we decided to participate in Comikaze, we knew it would be the perfect opportunity for Tetris fans of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate their affinity for the game and show the world that Tetris symbolizes how we all fit together,” she explained.

Even all this time past its initial release, Tetris remains just as relevant in today’s gaming scene as it was so long ago. The game has been downloaded more than 425 million times to date, across both casual and mobile releases. In addition, billions of Tetris matches continue to be played on a yearly basis, showing its popularity is as high as ever.

It’s still seeing new releases as well, as Ubisoft is preparing to release Tetris Ultimate for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita later this year. The game will feature new variants that allow players to compete against one another, including four-player competitions on the Xbox One and PS4.

If that isn’t worth dropping a four-line Tetris for, we’re not sure what is.